Best Markdown editors for Mac


Obsidian is a powerful knowledge base on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files.

brew install obsidian


A simple and elegant markdown editor, available for Linux, macOS and Windows.

brew install --cask mark-text


I am just found the best (for me) Markdown editor on the planet. Why?

  • it's freeware and opensource
  • it's minimalistic and easy to use
  • combine wysiwyg and plaintext editing
  • support folders, front matter, custom styles,
  • allow quick file open ⌘ + ⇧ + O 😍
brew install --cask typora


Pro notes app designed for local Markdown files. From simple notes and todo lists, to articles and journals, to wikis and second brain — no accounts, no subscription, no vendor lock-in.


Markdown note taking app supports tags, dark theme, zen mode, multi edit and so on

brew install --cask notable


Open source Markdown editor inspired by Mou, with live preview of extended markdown syntaxes

brew install --cask macdown

Visual Studio Code

brew install --cask visual-studio-code

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