How to transfer drive to APFS

The macOS High Sierra installer offers nondestructive in-place upgrades from HFS+ to APFS for bootable volumes. You can use Disk Utility to convert external volumes from HFS+ to APFS format.

Apple File System is a more modern file system than HFS+ and is optimized for solid state drives. It is safe and secure, offering crash protection, safe document saves, stable snapshots simplified backups, and strong native encryption.

  1. Open Disk Utility with Spotlight (⌘ + Space)
  2. Chose drive on right side
  3. Edit > Convert to APFS
  4. Wait... and profit

Known limitations

Timelapse image capture

apt-get install fswebcam

Capture cron from camera from 5 AM to 7 PM every day:

crontab -e

add follow line

*  5-19 * * * fswebcam --jpeg 95 -r 1024x768 -S 100 --no-banner /home/images$

you can also share every xxx image via twitter or something

59  5-19 * * * tweet it...

Generate timelapse video from all images:

```` ffmpeg -framerate 30 -pattern_type glob -i 'images/*.jpeg' -vcodec libx264 video.mp4 ```

Git clone all branches at once

Follow script clone all branches and tags at once:

git fetch --all --tags
for branch in `git branch -r --format="%(refname:short)" | sed 's/origin\///'`
  do git branch -f --track "$branch" "origin/$branch"

Single line version:

git fetch --all --tags; for branch in `git branch -r --format="%(refname:short)" | sed 's/origin\///'`; do git branch -f --track "$branch" "origin/$branch" ; done ;


This command is super usefull when you need copy repo between remotes:

git remote add alternative 

Check if is there another remote:

git remote -v
> origin (fetch)
> origin (push)
> alternative (fetch)
> alternative (push)

Push all changes to alternative remote

git push alternative --all # push all braneches
git push alternative --tags # push all tags

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