Show Password button pure Javascript

Pure Javascript solution for show/hide password button near to password input:

Twitter Bootstrap Feedback Button

Follow code add orange Feedback button similar to the UserEcho button allow users send you feedback from any page. It's based on Twitter Boostrap modal window.

Twitter Bootstrap compatible social login buttons

Login with Facebook, Twitter, Github, LinkedIn, StackOverflow or Google Plus buttons compatible with Twitter Bootstrap.

How to switch Homebrew formulas to older version

Sometimes you just won’t be able install latest version of any program and need some older (e.g. PHP 5.6.1 won’t work and you need install at least 5.6.0 and getting your work done). As you know all brew formulas are GIT repos, you can swith to older version easly:

$ cd /usr/local/Library/Taps/homebrew/homebrew-php/Formula
$ git log --pretty="%h - %s" -10
71b2069 - Update to PHP 5.5.18
b8aeb54 - Use homebrew's openssl for IMAP
f0d721a - php56: improve phpdbg logic
0dc3f1c - Update to PHP 5.6.1
908fedd - Update to Blitz 0.8.12
4801697 - Updates formula for WP CLI  to version 0.17.0
00560f3 - Upgrade php*-swoole to 1.7.5
8cbd369 - Updated PHP_CodeSniffer
a81eba6 - update pecl_http to 2.1.2
6a88856 - Add HEAD url for composer

Then just switch

$ git checkout 908fedd

And then run brew install php56 and older version PHP will be installed. Procedure can be used for any formulas.

Hardcore Simple Events Dispatcher for PHP

Events is simple pure functional event dispatching library for PHP 5.5+ and have nice and clear interface with function on(), one(), off(), trigger(), filter(), ensure(), listeners(), events() - that's all!

With sphido/events can:

Trigger event

on('event', function () {
  echo "wow it's works yeah!";

trigger('event'); // print wow it's works yeah!

Hardcore simple events for PHP with filter, prioritizing, removing handlers and stop propagation. It's even simpler then my previous version