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Backup mongo indexes

There is really short and briliant script for create backup of indexes queries. This code iterate over all collections and create backup of createIndex() queries.

print(`// Backup indexes of : ${db.getName()} : database`);
print(`use ${db.getName()};`);
db.getCollectionNames().forEach(function (collection) {
indexes = db
.forEach(function (index) {
if ( === "_id_") return; // skip defalut _id indexes
const keys = tojsononeline(index.key);
delete index.key;
delete index.v;
delete index.ns;
print(`db.${collection}.createIndex(${keys}, ${tojsononeline(index)});`);

You can save this backup code to file and run int directly with mongoshell command:

Terminal window
mongo --quiet mongodb://localhost:27017/mydb ./backup.indexes.js > myindexes.js

Example output:

{ settings: 1 },
{ name: "settingsIndex", background: true },
db.users.createIndex({ name: 1 }, { name: "nameIndex", background: true });
db.users.createIndex({ email: 1 }, { name: "emailIndex", background: true });