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FTP connection with PHP

Following function getFtpConnection is designed to establish an FTP connection using a URI string. This URI includes the username, password, hostname, port, and path, formatted as follows:


Function assumes that the provided URI is well-formed and that the FTP server, username, and password are correct.

* Return FTP connection
* ftp://username:password@sld.domain.tld:21/path1/path2/
function getFtpConnection($uri) {
// Parse the URI and extract its components
$parsed = parse_url($uri);
$host = $parsed['host'];
$user = $parsed['user'];
$pass = $parsed['pass'];
$path = $parsed['path'];
$port = empty($parsed['port']) ? 21 : (int)$parsed['port'];
// Connect to the FTP server using the host and port
$connection = ftp_connect($host, $port) or die("Couldn't connect to " . $host);
// Attempt to log in with the provided username and password
if (ftp_login($conn, $user, $pass)) {
// If the login attempt was successful, change the directory to the one specified in the URI
ftp_chdir($conn, $path);
return $conn; // success - return connection ID
// If the login attempt failed, return null
return null;

The output of the function is of course the connection ID, which you can then normally work with further.