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How to build a Tailwind CSS dropdown element

Tailwind CSS does not provide a base set of components that are ready to use right out of the box. One of the most missing components are dropdowns. Dropdowns are toggleable, contextual overlays for displaying lists of links and more. They’re made interactive with a JavaScript.

Dropdown menu with Tailwind

Let’s have button first:

class="border rounded py-2 px-3 shadow"
Show menu

and some simple dropdown menu:

class="hidden z-50 w-60 text-base bg-white rounded divide-y divide-gray-200 focus:outline-none"
class="block rounded-t py-3 px-4 text-sm text-gray-800 hover:bg-gray-100 dark:hover:bg-gray-600 dark:text-gray-200 dark:hover:text-white"

Then you need to add some javascript to show or hide the menu by toggling hidden class on the menu and Popper. Popper will provide accurate position of this menu right under button and will solve all possible conflicts with menu and browser borders for you.

Terminal window
yarn add @popperjs/core

and craete dropdown-menu.js file with following content:

import { createPopper } from "@popperjs/core/lib/popper-lite.js";
import flip from "@popperjs/core/lib/modifiers/flip.js";
import preventOverflow from "@popperjs/core/lib/modifiers/preventOverflow.js";
* Menu attributes:
* id="[dropdown id]"
* Button attributes:
* data-dropdown="[ID of dropdown element]"
* data-placement="[dropdown placement]"
export function addDropdown(button) {
const menu = document.querySelector(`#${button.dataset.dropdown}`);
// Popper create instance
const popper = createPopper(button, menu, {
placement: button.dataset.placement || "bottom-start",
modifiers: [flip, preventOverflow],
// toggle menu on button click
button.addEventListener("click", async (event) => {
const menu = document.querySelector(`#${}`);
await popper.update(); // reposition
// close dropdown menu on Escape or click somewhere else
function closeMenu(event) {
if (
event.type === "click" &&
( !== button || event.key === "Escape")
) {
button.setAttribute("aria-expanded", false);
// remove close menu handlers
document.removeEventListener("click", closeMenu);
document.removeEventListener("keydown", closeMenu);
document.addEventListener("click", closeMenu);
document.addEventListener("keydown", closeMenu);
// let's add dropdown menu to all buttons
for (const dropDownButton of inputDocument.querySelectorAll(
)) {

You can find the whole example on my GitHub at OzzyCzech/tailwind-dropdowns