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Apps and tools

Code editors

  • Visual Studio Code - Code editor from Microsoft
  • Zed - A high-performance, multiplayer code editor from the creators of Atom and Tree-sitter.
  • RustRover - Rust IDE from JetBrains
  • PHPStorm - PHP IDE from JetBrains
  • WebStorm - JavaScript IDE from JetBrains
  • PyCharm - Python IDE from JetBrains

Finder extensions

Toolbar apps

  • Vanilla - Hide menu bar icons on your Mac
  • KeepingYouAwake - Prevents your Mac from going to sleep
  • Rectangle - Move and resize windows in macOS using keyboard shortcuts or snap areas

Note-taking apps

  • Bear - beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose
  • Heynote - Simple and beautiful note-taking app for macOS
  • Notion - All-in-one workspace

Ads blockers

  • Wipr - ads blocker for iOS and macOS

Clipboard managers

  • Maccy - lightweight and free clipboard manager for macOS
  • Paste - Clipboard history manager for macOS


  • Aerolite - third party applications manager
  • Sensei - ultimate app for optimizing your Mac
  • ImageOptim - open source image optimization tool
  • Paste -

Image editing

Video editing

Screen recorders

  • Kap - An open-source screen recorder built with web technology.
  • Screen Studio - Beautiful Screen Recordings in Minutes



  • Viscosity - OpenVPN client for Mac and Windows
  • Shimo - VPN client for Mac
  • WireGuard - fast, modern, secure VPN tunnel


  • Linked - Open source distract-free journaling app for macOS



  • Beeper - All your messaging apps in one place