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Useful commands

Network speed quality

Since macOS Monterey is there a command to test your network quality:

Terminal window
networkQuality -v

Output will looks like follow:

==== SUMMARY ====
Upload capacity: 16.239 Mbps
Download capacity: 475.129 Mbps
Upload flows: 20
Download flows: 12
Responsiveness: Low (154 RPM)
Base RTT: 26
Start: 19.04.2022 13:56:47
End: 19.04.2022 13:57:04
OS Version: Version 12.3.1 (Build 21E258)

If you’re curious, networkQuality uses Apple’s CDN at as the target for its testing.

List all mounted drives on Mac

Terminal window
df -h

Open any source

Terminal window
open # [url|filename|directory...]