Convert MYSQL HEX to string with PHP

Hexadecimal literal values are written using X'string' or 0xstring notation, where string contains hexadecimal digits (0..9, A..F).

SELECT HEX('EXAMPLE'), X'4558414D504C45';
| HEX('EXAMPLE') | X'4558414D504C45' |
| 4558414D504C45 | EXAMPLE           |

You can also transform this value HEX value also with PHP instead of SELECT *, HEX(column) as column_name ... SQL.

function hexToString($hex) {
	$string = '';
	for ($i = 0; $i < strlen($hex); $i++) {
		$string .= dechex(ord($hex[$i]));
	return $string;

Inserting string to the table will be easy just "INSERT INTO table (column) VALUES HEX(?)" or with Hexadecimal Literal string starting with 0x or X'string'.

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