Tailwind tooltip without Javascript (CSS only)!

There's a plenty of libraries (mostly JavaScript) to enable the classic tooltip design pattern. You can easily add tooltips to your elements without JavaScript and in just a few lines of Tailwind code and HTML. Lets starts with HTML code:

  <div class="py-16 text-center dark:bg-gray-800">
    <p class="dark:text-gray-200 pb-3">Hover over button to show tooltip</p>
      aria-label="Show tooltip content"
      class="px-4 py-2 border dark:border-gray-700 rounded bg-blue-600 text-white font-semibold text-sm shadow">
      Example button

Then you have to add follow code to your tailwind.css file:

@tailwind base;
@tailwind components;
@tailwind utilities;

@layer base {
  [aria-label] {
    @apply relative;
    @apply after:font-sans;
    @apply before:pointer-events-none after:pointer-events-none;
    @apply after:content-[attr(aria-label)] after:font-semibold;
    @apply after:opacity-0 before:opacity-0;
    @apply after:z-50 before:z-50;
    @apply after:absolute before:absolute;
    @apply after:transition-all before:transition-all after:duration-500 before:duration-500;
    @apply after:left-1/2 before:left-1/2;
    @apply after:bottom-full before:bottom-full;
    @apply after:mb-2.5 after:-translate-x-1/2 before:-translate-x-1/2;
    @apply before:content-[''] before:border-[5px] before:w-0 before:h-0;
    @apply hover:before:opacity-100 hover:after:opacity-100;
    @apply hover:before:bottom-full hover:after:bottom-full;
    @apply after:min-w-fit after:whitespace-pre-wrap after:w-max;

  :where([aria-label]) {
    @apply dark:after:bg-gray-500 after:bg-gray-900 after:text-white after:text-sm after:rounded after:py-1 after:px-2;
    @apply before:border-t-gray-900 dark:before:border-t-gray-500 before:border-transparent after:text-center;

For all visual elements of the tooltip, I use :where() pseudo class, which allows us to change these parameters later directly from the HTML code.

  class="after:bg-red-500 before:border-t-red-500"
  aria-label="Show red tooltip">Example button</button>

Width of the tooltip can be limited with after:max-w-[180px] class.

<p aria-label="Fisrt line&#xa;Second line">Example button</p>

You can decide where will be break by including &#xa; HTML Encoded Line Feed character - new line to the aria-label .

<p aria-label="extra long content" class="after:max-w-[180px]">Example button</p>


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